World Poetry Movement International Who’s Who In Poetry Nomination (Update)


Good Day to you all,

As many of you are aware, I have been “nominated” for an award. This award has been exposed as a scam and at first, I was upset but feel ridiculous about getting upset over something that never really existed in the first place.

After I (per their request) submitted a new poem (one in which will appear in my next book, that’s how new it is) a few weeks went by without hearing anything from them. Then the other day I received an email and at first I thought it was a confirmation or maybe even a congratulations, you won email. LOL like that would ever happen. IT WAS THE EXACT SAME EMAIL, WORD FOR WORD!!!!

Take what you want from that but by them sending me the same pathetic email then I surmise they are a scam and not the prestigious poetry society they claim to be. Sad, sad, sad…

Feel free to share your experience with the World Poetry Movement. Good or bad.

Have a great day!Image




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  3. Hi
    FYI to all.
    World poetry movement is just one of a great many “vanity publishers” of it’s kind out there for you to be tricked by. A vanity puisher is one that tries to sell a writer back their own work. WPM is a little better bc they don’t “require” you to buy the book in order to be published in it. But they do try to sell your work back to you at a ridiculous price. This is seen in the real professional writing world as a sham and it will hurt your reputation to list being published in any such anthology in your résumé or portfolio. (Generally in the writing world the rule is “money flows toward the writer”. A real publisher will not charge you anything until they sell your work. Then they take their cut. The writer should pay nothing up front to be published.)
    Also, these “self-publishing services” like LuLu, etc. They’re all quacks. Sorry. Don’t do business with any of them. If you really want to self-publish then self-publish. Get your book printed and promote it yourself. That’s all your doing thru LuLu anyway. They just play middle man and get a ton of your money.
    Now Technically WPM and many others cannot be called a “scam” because they are relatively transparent about what they do. However, they do lie about a coue things.
    1. They tell you they selected your work out of thousands of submissions. Not true. They’ll publish any submission.
    2. No one else buys these anthologies except the people they publish in them. The sell very few copies outside of that.
    If you want to really be published go buy a copy of the anual “writer’s market” which is a reliable directory of legit editors and publishers and submit your work around. Hope this is helpful. Peace.

    Btw the better business burea recently revoked world poetry movement’s certification.

    1. I agree with you. However, I must defend my relationship with Lulu. When I published my first book in 2003 I had to pay almost a thousand dollars to do it and I felt and still feel that Authorhouse (then 1stbooks) did a terrible job. I kept writing and producing books. Each one is a piece of me and whether I like it or not my growth as a writer and artist is available for public consumption. I did everything myself. These days I am more than willing to share the responsibility. As I was prepping what would have been my sixth book and fifth publication with Lulu I simply could not release such personal material without the guidance and direction of paid professionals. I don’t wish to sell out but I feel the material has the potential for greatness and as a whole, the story is too personal for me to simply give it away for free. As for the World Poetry Movement and my posting what I thought to be recognition for my accomplishments: Absolutely no regrets. The first post in which I mentioned the “nomination” has led me to meet so many gifted poets from all over the world. Anyway, I have rambled on long enough. Thanks for your insight. Have a great night.

  4. I to have been getting poetry offers to be published in a book, I was said to be published in “stars in our hearts”, “International Who’s who poetry”, and :poems of the western world” I got a certificate for proof of publication from world poetry movement, the next few emails I got were saying I have a reserved place to be published in with whatever I choose to write. a book by someone else that doesn’t care what you write and no proof of publication? sounds fishy. they offer you a copy of the book, at a discount, say its for you to show off, world poetry movement was a recommended site for writers when I was in school taking my creative writing class in 2011, it was legit, that was when I got that certificate. now why haven’t I received anymore of my certificates for my so called published works of art? I think this is a scam. I’m down loading all the books I was to be published in tonight to see if I am in them. I will post again to tell you the results. if this is a scam, this will mean big trouble for anyone who scammed me and any other writer out there. writing is something that should not be stolen, that includes stealing words from an others mind and stealing hopes from a writers heart. if this is fraud its not going to be “stars in our hearts” its going to be “stars around there head”

  5. I too was nominated twice for the same who’s who/ poetry movement/ poetry international society etc… The only thing that bothered me about this contest and a few others is why do they not give us a book. It seems only fair, after all it is our poetry that they are making money on.

  6. Your ‘whos who in poetry’ email came from World poetry movement, right? I’ve seen other writers get the same. However, my ‘whos who in poetry’ email came from I’ve seen reports of ones from ‘impromtu poets’. So how can ‘whos who in poetry’ come from these different organization at the same time? I’ve had my stuff published by world poetry movement’s “Stars in our Hearts” anthology and was excited about it at first but seeing this made me wonder again. looked into it a bit more. The Better business burea revoked World poetry movements accredidation in August 2012 for poor business practices, which is funny because a business has to request and pay for an audit from BBB. World poetry movement is puzzling. It looks to me like World poetry movement, and the like are their own entities and these contest mailings we’re getting are from other poeple who are falaciously using their names. I can’t find anything about these anthologies on the actual websites. but maybe Im wrong because I dont know how they wouldnt find out and sue the hell out of these people for that. But then how is the “international Who’s Who in poetry’ under these different organizations names simultaneously???

    The World Poetry movement and can’t actually be called scams because they are transparent about what they do (except for these anthology contest mail things, which are a bit of a mystery) so they can’t really be shut down. Nevertheless, the general consensus in the real professional writing world is that if you put any contest winning or publications from them on your resume it will make you look bad.

    Now, has recently been bought out by LuLu, who claims to want to revamp it. Although I just got a “who’s in in poetry’ email from poetry .com today so it doesnt look like that’s really working out. (not sure I trust LuLu either)

    Take a look at this list extensive list of writing contests to avoid:

    1. thank you for all of your information. I really do appreciate it… I was wondering why I was so confused in the beginning of this… I knew I was right in thinking that and world poetry movement were somehow connected… they have too much in common… I thought I was dealing with at first but then realized later it was world poetry movement…. I did not know that Lulu bought… they are my publishers for all print editions of my books… I am currently using Kindle Select Program to distribute my eBooks and to do that you must not allow any other outlet distribute your eBook… everything is so different since I started writing and even more so since I was in high school… Even though I enjoy having a platform to showcase my writing and to communicate with other writers, I feel like the internet offers too many choices… our country has ADD, when will it be enough?… you don’t even get a chance to enjoy anything because by the time you sit down to read something, another something is waiting… Lol. anyway, thanks again for the feedback…

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