Donato’s Memorial Services and Birthday

cross3Today would have been Donato’s 36th birthday, and that was why we decided to hold both memorial services today. I am not sure if any of you reading this attended either one, but I just wanted to say that we were blessed with great weather on both sides of the Atlantic today, and they both went very well. Today Donato’s life was celebrated, his poems were read, songs specially composed for his memorial services were performed, a Eulogy that featured an archive recording of Donato singing when he was only 15 in “Man of La Mancha” was given and many people left feeling uplifted.

I wanted to post an old poem of Donato’s, one that was read today during the England service, and is one I don’t think he ever posted on here. I find it very appropriate given the circumstances:

Thank You

by Donato DiCristino

first published in 2003 in The Threads of Life

The snow covered hills are breathtaking
It’s so cold outside, I am shaking
The sky is aligned with crystal blue
The clouds are hypnotizing me too
I think o f the earth and all that surrounds it
I think of the stars in the sky,
I think of the planets that oribit
the sun…
I think of all the birds that fly
I think of the moon with its radiant light
It strikes me so hard I could cry
I think of these wonders, these magical gifts
And thank the Lord God, the Most High

Thank you for giving me life
Thank you for all of your miracles
Thank you for giving me sight
Thank you for all of my victories
Thank you for helping me through
Thank you for stopping my enemies
Thank you my Lord. I love you.

I stand on a mountain to worship
Kind words uttering from my lips
Rainbows appear–their colors strike me.
Just another sign that you love me
I think of the Heavens and all of the angels
I think of the multitudes there
I think of the stories I learned as a child
I think of the kindness you share
I think of all the times I’ve felt you with me
I know that you’re everywhere
I think of you Father and all that you’ve done
There is no one else who compares!

Thank you for loving me unconditionally
Thankyou for helping me see
Thank you for the ability to forgive
Thank you for helping me give
Thank you for all of the love that I have
Thank you for my family and friends
Thank you for making me the person that I am
Thank you for making me, me.

© 20o3 Donato DiCristino